HC sells jumping horses to customers all over the world. The majority of the horses are sold to North America and to countries within the European Union. Our clientele includes top riders and top Amateurs. We have many loyal customers.

If you are looking for a jumping horse then you know that it is certainly not easy to find that one specific horse that suits you. It’s not something you just decide overnight because it is an important decision. Looking for horses is an art. Selling horses is an art.

With pride we can say that we have already helped many national and international riders to find their jumping horse. Whether it involves finding a talented young horse or an experienced Grand Prix winner, we help you with your search.


Selling horses to customers all over the world, we source horses and spend considerable time making sure that they are in excellent training and health. We sell only the highest quality horses building long-term relationships with our clients, based on honesty, trust, and visibility.



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